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Job Placement Assistance Services


To establish a permanent and accountable safety net of support services to returning war veterans, former substance abusers and formerly incarcerated persons and their families, thereby insuring their complete and successful reentry into society, family and the economic workplace.

Drug and alcohol abuse robs society of its fathers, mothers, and youth. Recovering substance abusers too often find no way out of their circumstances and resort back to using, illness and even death. NPP strives for complete elimination of the substance abuse cycle through reeducation, job placement, and societal reentry solutions. Available to former substance abusers and their families.

Our Services

Formerly Incarcerated Persons

America's failed War On Drugs has resulted in the unnecessary mass incarceration of millions of able bodied men and women, mostly persons of color. The New Person Project provides assessment, retraining, job placement assistance and lifetime support services to formerly incarcerated persons and their families.

Rates of homelessness, substance abuse and suicide among frustrated and neglected American War Veterans, heroes of our time, has reached epidemic proportions. The New Person Project provides reentry assessment, retraining, job placement assistance and lifetime support services to veterans and their families.

Financial, Housing & Legal Assistance



Mental, Physical Health & Wellness Support 

Lifetime Safety-Net Support Services




Education and Career Training

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Elimination Support


Substance Abusers

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